Monday, February 16, 2015

Latest Max Magellan Covers & New Home Campaign!

First things first: my talented daughter has created three new covers for the RPG game we play with our friends in the west end of the city.

It's Family Day today, which made it a perfect time to launch our own Marvel Saga RPG. Hubby was the Game Master and wife, son, and daughter played the heroes on their inaugural adventure. Set at a fictional university, the protagonists had to battle Circuit Breaker, a power-hungry villain greedy for energy. The new team consists of:

  • Miss Myst, a prank-loving student with the ability to become invisible and intangible
  • Velocity, a physics professor with super speed
  • Putty, a quiet janitor who possesses stretching elasticity powers
We had a great time playing together and look forward to playing more frequently, since we live together, making coordinating the games much easier! Our resident artist has agreed to create covers for this new campaign and we've had fun brainstorming the name of the new team.

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