Saturday, May 7, 2011

"I know what you're doing"

I hadn't updated the Family Gaming blog in a while - shame on me! I was so proud initially to make at least one post a day, but the road to hell seems paved with good intentions.

I asked my son (who was next to his dad) what I should write about, and he said "I dunno".
Then, there was a funny little moment that gave me the writing prompt I needed.

My husband decided to play Left for Dead 2. My son decided to watch. I continued to compose other blog posts. I heard one of the characters talking through hubby's headphones and mentioned aloud what she was saying ("This isn't happening").

"You can hear that?" hubby asked.

Then I noticed my husband take off and cup his headphones.
"I know what you're doing" my son said. "And I still heard it."

I glanced over. Hubby chuckled.
"There's a part of the introduction in which one of the characters swears. I was trying to make it less obvious."

"But I still heard it" our son commented.

He's heard it before, but my husband was trying to minimize his exposure to the cursing.
Here's the thing we know about our boy: when he thinks something is a witty turn of phrase, he'll use it. We'd love to show him the entire video of "Squirrelly Wrath", because it's funny, but there's a lot of swearing and I suspect he'd sing it loud and proud.

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