Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Game Review: Mario Kart 7

Here's the second game interview provided by our house's video game guru, aka the boy.

This game is called Mario Kart 7. You can play as the same characters as in other Mario Kart games, like Toad, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and even more. Now the basic boom about this game is that it introduces hang gliders that will allow you to go around in the air. The glider has a bit of a complicated control. If you want to go up, you've got to hold down on the control pad. If you want to go down, you hold up on the control pad. 

You can go into water and swim down it. Also, if you press up, you go faster diving. 

There are also three new powerups: the Tenuki leaf, the Fire flower, and the Lucky seven. The lucky seven gives you seven items, only if you are lucky (obviously). The items that you get from the lucky seven are a blooper, a mushroom, a banana, a shell, a red shell, a star, and a bombomb. 

You can also customize your vehicle. You can change its wheels, its car, and its glider. The only way you can get more customizations is to collect coins which are scattered around the course. They appear when you are racing. Any level has coins somewhere.  

The last thing that you can do is race against the programmers in time trials, where it shows a ghost and their previous records. At the end, when you finish, it shows what the programmer used to do this good run-through. 

I'd probably say this is also a B; it's pretty fun but I wish they added more than just a glider and swimming underwater. 

Player's tip: Don't forget, mix and match your car, wheels, glider and character, because even switching your character can switch your car's stats. Try your best to find your best vehicle. 

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