Thursday, December 27, 2012

King's Blood

On December 9, our buddy DM came over to visit and to play. The full Risk Legacy crew was not in attendance, so we decided to play a game we own but hadn't cracked open yet - King's Blood.

My girl and I discovered King's Blood on one of our earliest forays to Fan Expo Canada. In the games room, a company called Steve Jackson Games had people available to teach guests how to play some of their games. King's Blood was one of the card games we played. My daughter was naturally drawn to it because of the manga-esque illustrations on the cards. The only bad part was that we couldn't buy the game there and then. (They've changed this system since then - smart move.)

Trying to locate a copy of this game to buy became more difficult than we anticipated. Every game store we phoned said that the company was no longer making King's Blood. We searched and searched and finally, last fall while the kids were involved in a Ryerson University project on gaming, we wandered into a game store downtown and found a dusty copy on a low-lying shelf. What luck!

For some reason, it took us a year to finally get around to playing the game. We didn't remember our tutorial from years past, so we resorted to reading the instruction manual. There certainly is an art to writing clear directions. We were a bit fuzzy on the rules, even after reading the instructions, but we muddled through.

The aim of the game is to build dynasties and your goal is to get rid of all your cards. Characters could only marry if they shared the same colour / philosophy. Here are some photos of our game play.

Peek at my hand while we play

This is a pretty long dynasty!
An usurper! Thank goodness!
We may try the game again sometime but it's not on our Top 10 list of favourites. We hope to see DM some time before the end of 2012 to play some different games - we'll see if our schedules match.

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