Thursday, December 8, 2011

Inventing our own games

A short time ago on Twitter, Melanie McBride asked people to mention moments of play that they were involved with that were not related to organized sports or computer games. I replied with the tweet below as well as a short description of "The Snuggy Pillow Is Mine".

melanie mcbride
RT I in many ways eg w/ kids Nerf swords & board games, w/ hubby when I wash car windows (long "clean" story), w/ family-
The "Snuggy Pillow" game is a lot like Capture the Flag except it involves a lot more wrestling and centers around a well-liked smushy pillow. My husband, son and I were playing it yesterday when my son decided to put a new spin on it by hiding it under pillows and adding extra treasure. Here's a photo of his set-up.
Today the boy and I played a new game that he invented on his own - indoor sledding. He discovered that the sleeping bag that he's been using is slippery enough on the outside that he can propel himself down the stairs inside it and it slides well. His only complaint is that even though he puts pillows inside the sleeping bag, sliding multiple times down the stairs makes his butt sore. In fact, I was just interrupted from composing this blog post to examine the sign up list for the Kirby Rollercoaster (his name for indoor sledding). We had to put our names down on the list for the chance to ride and we got prizes when the ride ended. The boy's sister and I tried it out and my husband chose to merely watch. After doing it twice (with him sitting on my lap each time), I'm not keen to repeat the voyage, but he loves it and is busy drawing signs for his ride. We are game inventors here!

P.S. Our boy has decided to sleep in a sleeping bag in front of the Christmas tree because he can't wait for Christmas to get here. *shrugs*

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