Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

As an occasional gamer in a heavily-gaming household, I get to observe a lot of people playing. These are a couple of things I've witnessed yesterday and today. I'll let you apply the judgement labels for yourself.

1) The kids had a play date with some friends. All four of them - two girls, two boys, from grades 4-8 - were playing together on their individual DS consoles, animatedly chatting and joking around.

2) It took a half-hour to go through a very frustrating conversation with our kids to realize that our son had left his DS cord at his friend's house and his friend had lost his own DS cord. How was I to know they differentiate between the DS and the DSi cords?

3) My son was trying to get through a hard section of Super Mario Galaxy and ended up crying on the couch because he just couldn't do it. "I wish there was a way I could help you buddy - I know you'll figure a way to beat it sometime, somehow" was the only consolation I could give.

4) A little while later, I heard my son talking to himself. The game music altered a bit. "Can you actually slow sections down?" I called out. After some tinkering, I heard a cheer from the living room. He was able to complete the section that had been aggravating him moments before. Much dancing and posturing followed in celebration.

5) I come back from running some errands to find that my son has already completed Super Mario Galaxy - two days after getting the game. Of course, this was with lots of intense, concentrated playing.
"This is why the boy needs or wants to get so many new games. At least he goes back and plays them after he's completed them" commented my husband.

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